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Culinary Secret is a place to interactively share food ideas, recipes, and information to help you live your "Very Best Life, Now”. So when I tell you your health has everything to do with the way you think (thoughts) which equates to how you treat yourself and others, What you eat and how you eat plays a huge role in your overall heath and healing.


Meet Lavonda.

Founder of Culinary Secrets, LLC

I am a mother, grandmother and lover of all things food related. I am a licensed personal chef and caterer who enjoys reading, running, and cooking for my friends and family. After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, GERD, IBS, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety, PTSD, carpal tunnel and chronic pain. I began my journey to wellness through studying and realized that “medicine” was not the answer but instead, the problem. I over came a bought with migraines for twenty years and started to seek natural ways to heal myself, I did the work and am whole. I realized then that the true medicine was found in nature, what has been all around us and always with us. I understood, "The Secret Is In The Science" and The Science Is The Food, Herbs, spices, flowers and more. Nature short for Natural has everything we need. To this day our medicine cabinet has NO MEDICINE in it. Funny how homes are built with these in them suggesting you will NEED IT! Subscribe fill your cabinet with something else.

Thank you. Stay tuned always.